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    Default Training Flights Nov 1 Central NH

    Who would have thought that on Nov 1 in Central NH that I would be witnessing a huge mid afternoon training flight on one of my russian colonies......and they're still pulling in piles of brilliant orange pollen

    Its approaching the time of year for major clustering when none of us will see many signs of life in our colonies until spring....except for those odd winter thaws when you see bees doing cleansing flights over the snow....weird sight to see.
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    Default Re: Training Flights Nov 1 Central NH

    Oct 30, same thing. I thought it was a robbery in progress, but no fighting, no dead bees and after about 30 mins of watching, all was well and everyone went back in the hive. It was pretty cool.

    Today they are bringing in a bunch of propolis, it was 73 degrees today.

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    Default Re: Training Flights Nov 1 Central NH

    1 November, same observation. Upper 60's and clear. Many girls from one especially strong hive out orienting and bringing in orange pollen from the masturtian flowers in my dome greenhouse. There is nothing else available to produce pollen at this point.

    Inspected today, feeding SW, and all looks good going into winter.


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    Default Re: Training Flights Nov 1 Central NH

    My 2 queenright hives were busy all day bringing in pollen, and in the aft had orientation lesson. Far later than I expected. Still drones kickin around too.

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    Default Re: Training Flights Nov 1 Central NH

    Yup, it's been a strange year. A year ago I had stopped any feeding since the bees weren't taking any more. Yesterday, I put more pail feeders on the hives. I would imagine we'll be seeing real fall weather and the expected behavior pretty soon though.
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    Default Re: Training Flights Nov 1 Central NH

    Yeah man, It's the Global warming conspiracy man.
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