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    Default Converting a deep.

    On one of my hives I am using a deep and a mediumn for the brood area. All my other hives are all mediumns. How do I convert the deep to mediumns? The deep has brood,bees ect... any ideas.

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    Default Re: Converting a deep.

    Well here's what I did and I think it will work.
    I let the bee finish drawing out three mediums and they are now on the top. Hopefully they will be up there next spring and I can remove the deep at the bottom, shake off the bees and go.
    If I still have brood in it next spring, I will move it to the top and put a queen excluder below it (with the queen below it) until it has no brood (22 days or so) OR I will use it as a split and start the process over.
    I think it is important to let them draw out the comb over the summer, that way they are ready to roll next spring with fresh comb and nothing to do but make honey. You will (of course) have to wait to next spring to start this plan.

    Good luck, RKR
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    Default Re: Converting a deep.

    Put the deep on the bottom now. In early spring, the queen will most likely be in the top box laying. She will probably be in the bottom box as well since the top is a single medium, you'll find out in the spring. In spring, rotate so the medium is on bottom with queen in it with the deep on top over an excluder. Also add a second medium to the very bottom at this time. If there's brood in the top deep, as it emerges then they'll fill the top deep with honey while expanding the brood throughout the bottom mediums. Pull the top off later and take the honey.
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    Default Re: Converting a deep.

    Do you simply want to know how much wood to cut from the bottom of the actual box? Due to the variances in different manufactures deep boxes, you'll need a table saw with a fence or some other means of cutting exactly the amount off from the bottom of the box. Measure a medium box. From bottom to top. Should be around 6 5/8 inches. A"deep" usually runs 9 9/16 inches deep. You cut off the difference nearly 2 1/2 inches (from the bottom) and toss the deep frames or keep them for show and tell. This will leave you with a box that is now the same height as all of the rest of your mediums. If I were you, I'd just leave it be and place it on the bottom of one of your hives. You'll more than likely not need to mess with it for many years.

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    Default Re: Converting a deep.

    I agree with rkr, it is probably too late in the season in your area to perform any manipulations that would accomplish a conversion from deep to medium frames, except, perhaps, trimming the deep frames down to medium frame size with a saw. Michael Bush describes doing this on his website.
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