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    Default Rust in honey lids if kept in garage?

    I have several boxes of queenline glass jars of honey with gold colored metal lids on them and they are full of honey.
    They look like these jars:

    If I keep these boxes of jars outside in the garage, will the moisture in the air cause any rust to develop on the border of these lids? Or will any rust develop on the inside edge of the caps right near the outside? I do not feel like moving hundreds of pounds of honey right now.

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    Default Re: Rust in honey lids if kept in garage?

    Eventually,the caps will rust from condensation but I think the honey would crystalize long before the caps rust.I found ajar of honey in my van from 3 weeks ago and it's almost solid where the same batch stored in the house is still liquid.57 deg is the optimum temp to make creamed honey

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    Default Re: Rust in honey lids if kept in garage?

    If the lids & jar rims were DRY when put they were capped, there will be no rust for a very long time. If they were damp or wet, they will rust onto the jars quite well. I know, because my wife still does a lot of canning.


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