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    Question beeswax on burns

    hi i was wondering what you can do with beeswax can you put it on burns or what other uses does it have any replys would be appreciated

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    Default Re: beeswax on burns

    I'm not a doctor, so keep that in mind. I don't know why you would put wax on a burn. However, I have heard that honey is a good burn treatment.

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    I read recently where several hospital in the mid east are using honey on wounds and in burn centers now.

    Big Bear

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    Default Re: beeswax on burns

    Don't know about bees wax on a burn to help it, BUT
    Hot melted bees wax will make one heck of a burn !!

    One of those BeeKeeping, Candle making facts they seldom tell you in books !

    I know a lady that was scalded by bees wax as a child, still carries very bad scars.

    Bee Carefull


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