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    ACBEES; in one of your posts you asked about which patties to feed. We've been using the MegaBee from Dadant with excellent results. Mixing the powder with 2:1 syrup and the bees consume this stuff unbelievably fast. Don't know your situation with SHB, but we found that it will attract SHB's if it stays too long, so use small patties, 5-6" in diameter, that the bees can consume quickly.

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    I seem to remember reading somewhere (may have been ABJ or BC last year) that bees are bred for pollen collection or honey collection. I have also been told by different beekeepers that they had to requeen because theirs were not bred for honey but pollen production. I always figured they went hand in hand.

    I'm still tring to figure which breeds I want to go with or if it will be mutts only with adding certian genetics each year. I am happy with my Russians and the two mutt hives (one mutt since I started four years ago).


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