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Thread: Price of bees?

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    Default Price of bees?

    What do you guys think hive will be selling for after almonds? Doubles or 1 1/2 stories. Thinking about getting a load or two.

    Gulf Shores, AL

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    Range $ 80.00 to 120.00 depending on quality of equipment and queens.
    Larry Pender,Jubilee HoneyBee Company,Camarillo, CA

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    If the east cost over winter loss is what I think it is going to be hives, nucs and packages will be in huge demand. There has been little or no fall flow in the eastern and mid us. (nc to maine, ky wva ect. Some have had some nectar but most have had little and many none. This wil lead to small clusters, starvation because cluster cant move, starvation because of lack of ad this to the fact we are suppose to get a cold wet winter and it spells disaster!


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