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    Default whats up from sunny nassau bahamas.

    Hello all i got into bee keeping just yesterday. cuz there was a cool swarm of homey bees on a old palm frond. It was smaller than the 1's i've researched But by the end of the day they all had flew away and got be fired up for some bee keeping. CAn some one explain to me some of the stuff i need. Qand does the comb honey taste different due to the type of pollen. I grow sun flowers and peppers i doubt the honey will hav e heat but will it tast different. Will it be sweeter or more bitter. Hey again from nassau.

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    Default Re: whats up from sunny nassau bahamas.

    Belated welcome!! Like to be in the warmth myself.

    Glad you're here.
    Closing in on retirement.......

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    Default Re: whats up from sunny nassau bahamas.

    Welcome, I used to come to Nassau about twice a month, I really miss it. For stuff you planted to have any impact on the honey flavor you would have to be planting very large areas. How friendly are your new bees?


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