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    Default does anyone in the SF bay area need a queen?

    hi all,
    i recently thought my hive was queenless. i decided to order a queen from Hawaii and try requeening but when i went up there today i found lots of brood! at this point the hive was broodless for about a month so i can only assume that that it is a laying worker and i really don't have the time or energy to do anything about it.
    so if anyone out there needs a new queen and can come pick it up in berkeley CA, i have one and its all yours for whatever price you can afford. i paid $42 for her and she needs a home ASAP. please email or call me if you'd like to have her.
    510 307 6852

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    Default Re: does anyone in the SF bay area need a queen?

    Rohe Bee Ranch "Free Range Bees"


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