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    Default Price and interest test.

    My daughters want to see the bee's up close so I started sewing them a suit together. As I started figuring what it was going to cost I realized that I could make it for a fraction of the cost of a child sized suit. Looks like I can provide a child sized suit to fit a toddler all the way up to a very small woman. I am curious to know if anyone would be interested, and at what price point it becomes attractive for the average person. The current design is one piece with a hood and black wire screen. It's not totally finished due to mechanical failure in my sewing machine that will be fixed next week. I can provide pictures at that time.
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    Default Re: Price and interest test.

    Hey for the screen just get some Misqiuto head nets. You can find them for about a $1. I actually used a Misquito net with a long sleave shirt and duck taped the cuffs until my suit got here.

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    Would be interested for sure. I have two small grandboys who would love to join in. Right now, I tape them up. Saw a childs suit on e-bay for $60, but I think it was out of country. Let me know what your thinking after material/labor cost, and I may order a couple.

    The down side is they would only be good for a couple of years, seeing how the little buggers grow so fast.

    Let us know what you find out.


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