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    Default Here's a Good lesson to Learn

    Today was 65 degrees which is beautiful considering the snow we have received up here in Mass already. The bees were out flying all over and I had harvested honey over the weekend. I was using the ol' squash and strain method (won't do that again, what a mess!) I still had @ 40 gallons of honey to strain. I did this in my kitchen. Well I was hotter than blazes so I opened my back door off the kitchen. I was working and all of a sudden I turned to wash my hands and I practically had a whole hive off bees in my kitchen! 3 hours later I am still catching bees. Boy when I do it I do it good!
    and Jeff, I have some Honey bottled for you to try.


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    Default Re: Here's a Good lesson to Learn

    Nothing like having a new experience!

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    It's best to get a screen door and taunt them. They love it when you do the Honey dance and they can't get to it.
    Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked Hulk in the face. Now he hides in the forest and changed his name to Shrek


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