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    Default bees in the hot tub

    My bees have found my neighbour's hottub, fortunately for me my neighbour is also my brother, still not pleased, although tolerant. They sneaked up under the hot tub cover and in to the water. I know they are there because of the bromine and the warmth, and it was sunny and warmish today (they haven't been flying for over a week because of cold) So we took some of the hot tub water and took it back to the beeyard, so do I add sugar and lemongrass oil to keep them here and do the same in the spring so they don't start as a habit next year?, and how much lemongrass oil? Drop or two?


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    Default Re: bees in the hot tub

    I had the same problem with the pool across the street. I put out a bucket with water and a towel in the bottom in between the yard and the pool and sprayed lemon pledge on the ground around the bucket... Problem solved.
    If I let the bucket dry out they go back to the pool but as long as it has water they hit the bucket first.

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    Default Re: bees in the hot tub

    They seem to have a affinity for chloronated water Who knows why. Give them another source and do not let it go dry. A little lemon pledge sprayed on the ground will work to attrack them. Remember brotherly love only goes so far especially if a wife or girlfreind are envolved.

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    Default Re: bees in the hot tub

    My neighbor stopped over the other day. she wanted to let me know that my bees spent the summer swimming in her bird bath. On hot days she could see a steady stream of bees going from my yard to her yard.

    She only wanted to know if there was something I could do about it next year, as she has a grand child on the way. Nobody was stung or bothered by the bees, but she would prefer if they went swimming someplace else next year..

    I gave her some honey, and zucchini relish and promised that I would get my fountain working again in the spring so the bees have closer water source.

    She seemed happy with that



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