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    Default Re: How did you find your beeyard?

    They found me. Hey Bob how about putting bees on my place in trade for a little honey? Why sure I'll be right over.

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    Default Re: How did you find your beeyard?

    I was approached by people/gardeners/farmers at the various markets where I sell my honey. They think they're doing me a favor by offering me a place for one or two hives.

    However, that yard (and a good relationship with the landlord) led to another, then another. Unfortunately, most of these yards are small as people get nervous when you put more than one hive on their farm, but I try and tell them how it's more efficient for me to come out for more than one hive.

    I have picked out one or two prime locations and simply asked the farmer/landowner if they were interested in some bees on their farm. Their first questions was, "So what are you going to charge me?"

    Once I convinced them my services were provided "free," they warmed up right away. The down side was they thought four hives was a lot of bees to put on their farm. I would prefer to place 10 to 16 hives per location, and if you move away from the residence to the back fenceline, they feel better. But now you have access issues.

    If you want to read a good article, find the ABJ from February 2009, page 131, "Developing Outyards: What I learned before saying, "Why sure, I'd love to put bees on your farm!"

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    Default Re: How did you find your beeyard?

    Quite often we have gotten our yards through word of mouth. We gotten yards through buying out another beek, by knocking on doors, through freinds that know someone else that knows of this place, ect, ect.

    Recently I had ran an add in the local paper much to the effect of 'free honey and pollination if you have room for gentle, hard working honeybees.' and was surprised that it led to 4 phone calls that led 3 yards, that led to 1 since the other 2 places were not that great for others reasons. i've got another yard coming as will from my wifes boss who has property, that'll be intresting.
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    Default Re: How did you find your beeyard?

    Quote Originally Posted by Countryboy View Post
    I must be doing things wrong. I haven't asked anyone if I could keep bees on their land.

    I let people know I keep bees, and I have people asking me if I would want to put hives on their place. I look at the best locations, and go from there. Right now, I have more good locations than bees.

    I've always heard the easiest way to double your production in a garden is to have a hive of bees. Don't be afraid to mention that to gardeners, and then mention that you have bees.

    The county extension office would be a good place - go to a soil and water conservation meeting and tell the farmers there you would like to find locaitons to keep bees. There is bound to be a few old time farmers who would enjoy having bees on their farm. They may have a small orchard they'd like bees to pollinate better too.

    Do you attend a church, or a member of any social groups? Let people know you keep bees - someone in your church or social group is bound to be related to someone local with some land. I'm sure you can find a friend of a friend who would let you keep bees there.
    The same thing has happened to me. I have at least 15 good options for hive placement in the Portland Metropolitan area simply by word of mouth. My family lets their friends know that I keep bees and soon I'm getting phone calls. I give presentations at grocery stores and customers offer me their yards.

    As the others have said, just ask.


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    Default Re: How did you find your beeyard?

    Quote Originally Posted by sgiraud View Post
    I am expanding. Going beyond the home turf. An outyard is what I (think I) need. I would be very interested in reading other's experiences in getting permission from land owners to put bees on their property! Did you send them a letter? Did you run an ad? Did you just drive up the driveway and ask? Did you find a way NOT to ask permission? Don't most people just say NO!?
    Face to face is the only way, imo. It's a sales call. Be prepared to be turned down. But you may be surprised at how many people will really want the bees on their property. What w/ the apparent bee shortage that seems top be going on.

    Drive around the countryside and spot some locations that you would like to use. Find the landowner and talk to them. Explain who you are and what you are looking for, "Hi, I'm a beekeeper and I'm looking for some places to put my bee hives. Do you know where I might find such a location?"

    Don't drop hives on someone elses property w/out permission. It's a good way to loose your hives and doesn't make life any easier for the rest of us.
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