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    Default Re: Battling City Hall - The RESULTS ARE IN!!

    Well, I would say, by what you have written here, that I agree, you did not "win" per se.

    You say she asked you some questions, such as what kind of hive the bees are living in, etc... then telling you that you can keep the bees.

    This should not be an arbitrary decision. The rules should be specified in code.

    She should have been ble to point out exactly in the in city ordinance what the limitors for beekeeping in city limits are.

    Such as, is there a distance that must be kept between hives and playgrounds? Between hives and neighbors houses or other buildings on adjacent properties? These kinds of things should be spelled out, if not, then there is nothing the city can do about it until it is. That is the LAW.

    When you have the city ordinances , municipal codes, etc.. in print, in your hand, ALL the related areas high-lighted you have the promise "you can keep your bees" in writing and not even the city council or Mayor can stop you unless they change the rules/ordinances themselves.

    I would say congratulations for finally have gotten them off your back. However, I also suggest you get every scrap of lawbook that is relevant and keep it close at hand to protect your rights in the future.

    Sometimes legal beagles don't forget who the guy is that got their hand smacked in public.

    Big Bear

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    Default Re: Battling City Hall - The RESULTS ARE IN!!

    We've all probably felt that we've been victimized by over-zealous bureaucrats at some point, and that tends to color our impression of any government action. And rightfully so, however....

    Glen has already made his case to his councilman and got the charge dropped. His job now is to prove his neighbor's fears unwarranted by minimizing the bee's impact to the community, not lashing out at his local government. The inevitable result of that would be the enactment of an ordinance specifically prohibiting the keeping of honeybees.

    As to getting the city to specifically allow beekeeping, that's probably a good idea. I'd make an appointment to speak to the sympathetic councilman (to thank him for his assistance) and to explore codifying beekeeping regulations. This can be a slippery slope however, since now there WILL be specific limits.

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    Default Re: Battling City Hall - The RESULTS ARE IN!!

    Quote Originally Posted by beyondthesidewalks View Post
    The urge to beat this thing to death is within me but that might provoke the code officer to look a little harder at your residence on the next sweep. And this time she may have her code book handy to make sure she's above board. I'd let sleeping snakes stay in their hole and not disturb them any more than necessary.
    Sage advice. BTW, another consequence of the economic recession is the slowdown in building permits and inspections. That leaves alot of code officers driving around with their google maps, looking for violations.

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    Default Re: Battling City Hall - The RESULTS ARE IN!!

    How about the kill them with kindness approach?

    Meet the city councilman.

    AND the head of the parks department/gardening club.

    Put a hive on long term loan to the City at the gardens/park/city offices where it can be protected.

    Install an observation hive at the community/youth/4H center. Make it a monthly event to inspect the bees, and invite the public to watch. Talk about the bees and their benefit to agriculture (= local economy)

    Offer to teach a class to the 4H/Science Club/Boy or Girl Scouts, at the school science fair, etc.

    Learning about bees, bees in urban environments, and local restrictions regarding same would be an OUTSTANDING project for an Eagle Scout, or AP History/Civics class to undertake. Get them to research and help format recomendations to the City on what the code should be.

    Invest in some decent books or videos for kids about bees and donate to the library. Children's librarians love having resources, including people come do programs for them.

    What about the county historical museum? Living history farm? Pick up some old tools on ebay, find some old prints, skeps, talk about how it used to be.

    Visit the senior center with honey, old tools, and a couple of kids to make bee crafts, and visit, and listen. Lots of 'remember when' stories to get the seniors talking.

    The code officer probably got an inquiry/complaint, and checked you out. Problem for her. There is no code, she knows nothing about bees, she's afraid of them herself, she has no guidance and an unhappy constituent. Easiest thing to do? Make the complaint go away.

    Higher heads with common sense and less job performance issues to worry about, prevail.

    But the bottom line is education. Many people think ALL bees are dangerous, ALL bees are killer bees, and 2 bees in a 5 square foot area are a swarm.

    Make your friendly, helpful knowledgeable self available, calm, and show them that Bees Are Our Friends. Get the word out to kids, and you've got a powerful ally. If they are involved, and they CARE, they influence their parents. Who vote and pay taxes.

    Just my thoughts.
    Congrats on the win. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Battling City Hall - The RESULTS ARE IN!!

    Thanx again for the continuing comments. All is quiet at this point.

    To those that argue that I should get something in writing, I would agree - IF there was anything in the codes that applied in this case. There is nothing. All of the arguments posed to me were things addressed in various city codes, such as 'you can't keep kangaroos in the front yard,' and 'you can't store plutonium at home.' All addressed, along with pigs, pigeons, chickens and many other things. Nothing about bees.

    I am not going to push it further, unless I get attacked again. I found out some time back that if you let something continue the way it has, such as letting people cut across your yard for years, it is very hard to change it, even with a change in the laws. So I will have precedence for keeping them.

    I have a newspaper reporter ready to go if they give me any more flak as well. He is kind of disappointed that the 'system worked' and now there is no story. I have taken things on in a full media presentation before, and was ready to do it again.

    As to the suggestions about being a good example, I may well become a Boy Scout merit badge counselor for bee keeping. I work with the scouts already, and have done merit badges for other things. Otherwise, it is probably best to just keep my hives quietly, letting the bees 'do their bee thing' as the code enforcer put it.

    Oh, and the comments about things being slow so enforcers are out looking for things to do - yes I have found that is the case. They normally do not do anything unless there is a complaint. Almost the entire block was written up for something. And no one said they had called about anything.

    Thanx again

    Glen Parshall
    "I fought the law and .... I WON!"

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    Default Re: Battling City Hall - The RESULTS ARE IN!!

    Wherever I live I have chickens and bees- but I don't ask if I can have bees and chickens- I just do it.


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