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    Default How's This Winterization?

    Newbee beek would like some feedback on how I am winterizing my first-year hive.

    I will also remove the excluder soon as temps break above the recent 20-deg highs. Also have inserted IPM board half way to reduce affect of winter winds on underside, since hive has rather high ground clearance.

    Here are pics and specs:

    Thank you.
    Rapid City

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    Default Re: How's This Winterization?

    You being in S.D.

    I'd say Close that top entrance up,, too about 1 or 2 bee spaces or 3/8 in, by 1/2 or 3/4 in. !

    I think you got a wide open draft chimney with that wide open top entrance and all those bottom holes.

    I think a bottom entrance board about a 1/2 in short of the width placed with a 1/4 in. opening on each side would work better.

    Remember take all inter-net forum info. with a grain or two of salt !


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    Default Re: How's This Winterization?

    Definitely close the inner lid entrance to around 1" & the outer cover should at least cover the inner one.

    The way it's set up releases all the heat produced. Re-open up the hive entrance about an inch on bottom platform.


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