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    Default when to harvest fall honey?

    i have a honey super thats almost ready but im not sure when to harvest it
    they havent capped it all

    i was thinking of taking it and then putting a few of the uncapped frames in a neighbor hive that is behind schedule and let them finish it off and have for winter store

    how should i address this

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    Default Re: when to harvest fall honey?

    For the fall, I wait until I'm pretty sure there isn't any more forage available. Then I heft the hives and try to estimate whether they have enough to winter over. If it seems like they have plenty (for MY area) I'll snag the surplus.

    The caveats are several. If you use chemicals, or you're trying to make it a paying proposition, or you're in an area that has a different length of winter than mine during which there will be no foraging, or you pull all the honey and feed, your management will differ. And since every beekeeper will be different, that means your management will differ from what I've described. But I think all of those things and more have to be weighed when deciding how you manage harvesting.

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    Default Re: when to harvest fall honey?


    Is this your first season with the bees ?

    If it is, like mine, I'll leave them untouched. And if needed and there's nothing to forage on, I'll feed them and supply with pollen patties. Recipe on page: .

    If not, they need to eat 60-70 pounds of honey per winter, per colony minimum. Bigger colonies need 100-200 pounds.


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