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    Default Honeyhouse explosion in the Dakotas?

    Someone mentioned they heard of a big beekeeping operation that had a large 'explosion' either last night or this morning? It sounds more likely a wax rendering fire but they had little details. Every beekeepers nightmare.....
    Anyone else hear anything about this?

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    Re: Honeyhouse explosion in the Dakotas?

    Fire at A. H. Meyer and Sons, South Dakota Beeswax Rendering Plant


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    A flammable solvent leak, similar to lacquer thinner led to an explosion and fire in one of the buildings at this large beeswax rendering facility in Winfred, South Dakota on Monday, September 28, 2009.

    One employee was seriously injured and transferred to a Minneapolis hospital for burn treatments, and 20 firefighters spent more than two hours at the scene. They focused on cooling a large solvent tank and three propane tanks to protect them from the fire, which gutted the building.

    Meyer’s have had similar events in 1990, and again in 2004, according to AP. Meyer’s prepares beeswax for the cosmetics and candle industries.

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    Default Re: Honeyhouse explosion in the Dakotas?

    Wow. Thanks, Ernie
    My sympathy goes out to them. Hope they were well insured.

    I have heard there are two kinds of operations that render beeswax: Those that have had a major fire and those that are going to. We render a few tons here every year and it sure encourages one to be extra careful and to review safety standards when you hear about this sort of thing.
    We use electricity for ours and while it is more expensive than gas, (at least in our area), it feels safer than using propane.



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