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    I am a 3rd year mature college student on a BSc Hons wildlife biology course. as part of our ecology module this semester, we are required to do a literature review. my chosen topic is colony collapse disorder with relevance to the future of agriculture. if any of ye have any specific sources of information, i would welcome them greatly, especially personal experience (with permission to quote please).

    many years ago, i used to keep bees. as i lived on anglesey, they were black welsh bees which locally have somewhat of a dodgy reputation...
    well, in my enthusiam to show my friends the wonder of my hives, there were several times that i totally forgot all the rules, even forgot my gear, went out to them after 6pm etc, but i swear, my bees never stung me

    anyway, enough for now, byeee

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    Welcome to the forum, & good luck on you're paper.
    So far their are no definitive answers on CCD, but there are papers published often on the subject.


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