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    Default Options for Wintering Bees

    I have a pretty small operation, yet recently I've been talking to a few keepers with options for wintering bees. Colorado is not the best place to bee in the winter. One of my buddies is paying to have them shipped to the cellars in ID. then straight to the almonds. Another will just take them down in Dec. and deal with the wet winter in Cali. I recently made some contacts with old high school friends who have lots of farm land and water in Arizona. I'm considering taking them down early in December south of PHX. I know I will be spending more on feed and pollen, but what other issues would you recommend I watch out for? I hear Needles Inspection station is a nightmare.(generally we use I-15 not I-40) I would be taking the bees straight from AZ. to the almonds. From a glance it's a 60 day stay over. That will cost us one extra ship, but it keeps them out of the wet muggy/foggy hard to breath Jan. of CA. One last thought is there syrup available in PHX?

    Any AZ keepers know if the bees get stronger, stay the same, or get weaker? Of course if fed well and had plenty of pollen in them.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Chad Ragland
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    Re: Options for Wintering Bees

    wet muggy Jan. of CA.

    Wet,what's that?
    We are still in a drought--so far.

    Muggy is uncommon.
    Foggy is probably what you meant.

    You may have to pencil out your budget on the costs and proposed income.
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    Default Re: Options for Wintering Bees

    how meany of you have used indoor over wintering and how do you all like it?
    How meany of you just pull the hive out of the snow?


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