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    Default Hello From Eastern Oregon

    I recently joined the forum and look forward to getting to know all of you as we share information.

    I have been keeping a hive for 2 years but am still a beginner. I was able to harvest my first honey this year as well as comb honey. So I am hooked. I hope to add a few hives next year.

    My hive is in a small orchard (6 trees) on the edge of 60 acres of alfalfa. Thistle and clover are other nearby plants. We have long winters and cold spring weather but so far my bees have done okay.

    I also enjoy camping, hiking, watching wildlife, gardening, and anything else to do with nature. We took several horse packing trips this year into a nearby wilderness area.
    Thanks for participating in the forum.

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    Default Re: Hello From Eastern Oregon

    Welcome, I'm in Battle Ground just out of Portland. You are much colder and dryer but similar bees. Remember to grow slow. I'll be starting my 6th year, and will never know everything. I'm up to 12 hives now and starting to slow down. Have Fun
    I'm not tense, Just terribly, terribly alert!

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    Default Re: Hello From Eastern Oregon

    Welcome to the forum. I'm in south eastern Washington. This too is my first year. Been a good one so far.


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