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    Default ole days, but with more respect?

    Hey? where are all you ole beeks? Just mind your manners and we can all, visit again, with knowledge and friendship we had felt in those days and even still. OH the knowledge we shared between us for the newbies and even new thoughts for the rest of us!... I miss that!... Most of us had met personally many times, over and over, , in meetings, at one anothers houses, apiaries, setting up visits for others, so it's not like we don't know one another... just come!!!!. Most of us talk still, via phone, on emails,messanger now days,,, ... so why not come together again and meet your old buds all together again?. Hugs to all of you that read this, and know I miss all our inputs even if we had different opinions. Just miss you, as friends. I talk to most of you through emails, or phone calls now days, and you always ask me how so and so is doing?..... I wish we can come together again. Diversity, in all our friendship is how life goes on, and meaningful with respect and honor.. Please come back?????? I Miss you all. Just me.. PK......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz poof

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    Default Re: ole days, but with more respect?

    I share your sentiments PK.......

    Although the site is growing fast I miss a few of
    those old timers. Beekeepers are a stubborn bunch
    and pride is a slow healing wound.
    Closing in on retirement.......

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    Default Re: ole days, but with more respect?

    Ole timer and new timers in da "room" almost every evening no special schedule come on in some have moved on to different things so OLD times are gone forever and we can`t look back

    Yesterday is History
    Tomorrow is a mistary
    That why today is a "present"
    Ed, KA9CTT profanity is IGNORANCE made audible
    you can`t fix stupid not even with duct tape


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