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    Default Greetings from Iowa!

    Hello from Iowa! I am new to this site. I find myself browsing this site during my lunch time so I thought I better join. I learned about the site last year at the Iowa Honey Producers annual meeting. I have been keeping bees for about 25 years now. I got my first hive when I was in the 5th grade. I have had as many as 150 hives back in the mid 90's but currently have 30. In the past I have worked as a field inspector for the state of Iowa and helped manage hives and nuc's for a USDA facility doing controlled pollination. Besides selling honey I also do apple and pumpkin pollination. The main reason I am joining this site is to see how other people do things and to get some new ideas. I learned while inspecting bees for the state that there are no 2 beekeepers who manage their bees the same way.

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    My wife & I just got bees this year, but have been reading these forums about 3 years. Its an excellent site.


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