I know there have been posts about "where to get 1/8" hardware cloth", but I don't recall seeing this source.

I'm making screened bottom boards with trays and checked Ace Hardware for 8x8 hardware cloth. They were very nice (as they always are) and said it came in a 200 ft' roll at $2.50 per foot.

I know some Beek suppliers sell it, but the shipping costs were much more than the cloth.

I got on Amazon.com and ordered a roll 10 feet by 3 feet from their supplier, "Polstein's Home and Beyond". It was 10 days from order to receipt. The cost was $13.22 for the cloth and $10.18 for shipping. Actually comes in pretty close to $2.50 per foot, but I only had to buy 10 Feet.

I'm pleased with the service and the order. That's what counts.