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    Default commercial Bottom?

    Do most commercial guys only use pallets for the bottom boards of their hives? And if you do, what do you do about mice in the winter and things like that? Have you ever had to worry about loosing the queen with pallets?
    Are there any other concerns for using pallets vs. normal bottom boards?

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    Default Re: commercial Bottom?

    Most migratory pallets have solid bottoms, not like the cargo pallets one thinks of. Our pallets have built in reducers of about 3 inches on each colony closest to the next so as to give a better separation between colonies. In winter to prevent against mice or in areas of high population to help defend against robbing another reducer is used to neck them down further.

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    Default Re: commercial Bottom?

    [QUOTE=dnelson; Are there any other concerns for using pallets vs. normal bottom boards?[/QUOTE]

    You need a forklift or crane to load a pallet of hives on your truck.

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    Default Re: commercial Bottom?

    Pallets are nice when they are built right.
    (forklift,tractor,skid steer,I'll assume you have access.)
    Here are some things to consider.
    If your in Indiana consider this: U clips vs. W clips. I would think with the amount of rain you guys get W clips would be better. (gives you about an inch between) Your boxes will last longer.
    The space in the middle. Have them built so you can get your hands and arm down the back so you can lift a hive off, a min of 6" won't limit your room to work with.
    Out front most guys run 1-2" for a landing others no landing.
    Treated 1x4 on the bottoms helps reduce rot.

    See if you can get a local pallet company's will build them for you pretty cheap.(like under $16) Used Pallet Co. in Fresno CA will email you a photo of all the options they offer, they are pretty much the guru of bee pallet making. You should have them email you or fax you the options they make. Even if your not buying them from them you can get some ideas that will help you make decisions. Warning! Screened pallets suck!

    Good Luck, I hope this helps you make a decision.
    Chad Ragland

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    Default Re: commercial Bottom?

    I only run about 800 hive and only for honey production. They are all on solid bottom boards, which I have set on RR ties. No need to move bees when you have a go place to produce honey. I use entrance reducer to keep the mice out. Or you can move your queen excluder down on your bottom to keep mice out. I stack all my honey super up in my yards that way. Saves on trips, and that way they are there when you need them.


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