Hi all!

We are Randy and Carol, living 30+ years in our old farm house in southeast Ohio (think West Virginia) and have two new English-garden style 2-medium super, 8-frame hives set up in our back yard awaiting bees next spring. We have found one wild colony that we hope to transfer then (we will start feeding them in the next day or so) with the help of our mentor. We will be attending our second bee club meeting on Thursday night and are awaiting our first issue of a bee magazine we just subscribed to. One or both of us are planning to attend bee school this winter.

Married 35 years, we have a grown and gone daughter, 25. We are both retired, Randy on disability from emergency services and Carol after 34 years with child protective services. At home we have our husky (8-ish), three six-month old kittens, a water turtle, 1, and a baby ring-necked snake (all rescues) plus a few miscellaneous fish and other aquatic creatures to keep the turtle company...... Oh yeah, and four Golden Comet hens - living in two converted dog-loos - that started laying about six weeks ago (planning for four more Plymouth Rock Barred hens in the spring if we can find them).

We hope to get a lot of good info from this forum and maybe offer a little wisdom if we ever develop any.