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    Default Screen bottom from rough sawn 1x

    Cut side with grove for bottom:

    Cutting grove that fits corrugated cardboard for doing mite counts and closing off bottom in winter. I prefer to use corrugated plastic sign material as it holds up better than cardboard.

    I use poultry staples to attach the screen to the bottom rather than doing anything fancy.

    The bottom board fits the side like this:

    The wood I used on this one is a mix of bandsawn pine and poplar. I air dried it in a shed for about 6 months before using it. It is un-planed full 1X lumber.
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    Default Re: Screen bottom from rough sawn 1x

    Nothing better than cheap or free wood . I converted my 4 BB to screened, I live near Savannah,Ga. and it gets hot and muggy. Bees stay cooler, first thing I noticed they don't hang out on porch so much .


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