Greetings, everyone.

I just want to say hello and that I really enjoy this forum. I have been lurking for a month or so, but it's now time to say hello and post a few questions I have about requeening on the Beekeeping 101 board.

My wife and I started two colonies in April and have been enjoying the bees quite a bit. Although I had an interest in keeping bees since about 1980, I never took the plunge. Several years ago, when my wife heard of this interest for the first time, her response was, "THERE IS NO WAY . . ." But, much to my surprise, when the local club announced that a beekeeping class was being offered, my wife was the one that suggested we go. We had a great time in class and we're now fairly active in the club and try to attend beekeeping local events. We attended the summer South Carolina meeting at Clemson University and learned so much. Now, we're looking forward to learning more here on this forum.