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    i am in my third yr of beekeeping. not a lot to tell about myself -- i have a veggie garden of heirlooms and some fruit trees and much native flora for which i am most appreciative.
    this season, i pretty much left the bees alone. last two years, i checked the hives often, and i suspect i did more harm than good by cracking the hives. this year, while i monitored frequently, i did so just by watching the comings and goings of the bees at the hives, and inspected around the hives for signs of abnormalities.
    i have come to this forum today because i have a burning question for which i have not found an answer in my readings or through an internet search. hope someone can help.
    i guess i will explore the site and see if i can figure out where to post.

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    if all else fails, post it to the general forum. The mods may move it if needed, but thats a place to start! Welcome.....
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    Try searches also. I've learned a lot of what I've needed to know by searching the item and reading sometimes weeks worth of responses. The people here are always a great help.

    Welcome to the forum!


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