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    Default hi from urban beekeeper in Denver, CO

    well, technically I'm not a beekeeper - yet! As they just passed a very bee-friendly city ordinance making it easy to have bees in the city and county of Denver, I have decided to take the plunge next spring with two hives in my back yard not far from the capital building downtown. In the meantime, I am planning and studying. So much interesting stuff! I thought it would be cool to have two different types of hives and see how they each do.

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    Default Re: hi from urban beekeeper in Denver, CO

    Welcome... check this website everyday and I'm sure you will learn something. Ask questions and you will a world-worth-of-information.

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    Default Re: hi from urban beekeeper in Denver, CO

    Hello and Welcome!

    As bhfury said, you can learn a lot here. Be sure to check the "How to start beekeeping" sub-forum where there is much good advice on getting started.

    The 'search' function is also very useful. Many times I can find several threads of previous discussions on topics I'm interested in.

    Lastly, I recommend getting involved with a local beekeepers club. Clubs are great places to find mentors and get connected with other local beeks:


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