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I start out every year from scratch, so this is somewhat easier for me.
Load of HFCS is $11K
Load of packages & Extra Queens $35K
Truck, Fuel, Insurance $15K
Extracting, and hired labor $24K
Misc. Expanses $17K
Total Expenses $102K
Total Honey 48 ton @ $3300 a ton $158K:
Yearly income $56K
I made about $70 a hive. ONLY NEED ANOTHER 1000 hives this year. This was one of my best years. Keep that price of honey up.
interesting, do you keep using the drawn comb every year or as much as you can save from the previous year? or do you really start every year with foundation?

I am sure you got it figured out but is it really that much cost saving not wintering and just replacing dead out every spring instead of just buying new packages and queens every year?
I know it has to be or you wouldn't be doing it but im just curious!!