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Thread: Hello from KY

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    Big Grin Hello from KY

    This is my first year as a beek, I'm loving it, already have 9 hives, I jumped in with both feet LOL.
    Good luck to everyone through the winter months.

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    Default Re: Hello from KY

    welcome to the habbit er-ah hobby
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    Default Back at you from West KY

    Glad to have you, I hope you are enjoying your hives as much as I am mine. We have about twenty right now. This is our third year to keep bees.

    We are in west Kentucky but I think Im going to move some of my hives next spring to Russell County to my Mother's farm and Father in law's place. That would expand my bee yards to three. I like keeping the nucs and splits here at home so I can keep an eye on them.

    This board is a great resource as I'm sure you will find.

    Good Luck with your bees.


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    Default Re: Hello from KY

    beeman 44
    You are in a good area for poplar honey....except it rained too much this year. In most years in your area the honey flow is over after poplar around middle to late may. Next year may be a exception as with this years rain clover is abundant. You may want to move some hives north to past bottom of halls gap (stanford) for clover in June.


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