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    Default keeping a queen over winter

    Hi All, Last month I did a little experiment in queen rearing. All I did was put a capped queen cell from another hive on a bar of comb along with some bees and a bag of syrup in a small 4 bar tbh. I did not expect she would survive, but, as luck would have it she not only survived she is also mated and laying eggs. I donít know if there are enough bees in this nuc to survive the winter. My question is.... is there a way to cage her and put her in another hive for the winter with out disrupting the other colony?


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    Default Re: keeping a queen over winter

    No you cannot do that. I would just do my best to see if I could get them through the winter
    I do not know where you live and how cold the winters are there but I would feed them all they will take and see what happens.


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