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    Default Re-Queening has Worked So Far...

    Early last month, I showed a short video of my small hive:

    I got a lot of advice on what to do. Thanks to everyone! I decided to spring the $40 and ordered a Queen from Mikes bees, nice folks and prompt!

    The Queen came with a few workers and a sugar cork for them to eat away at. When I first got them, I put a couple drips of water near the sugar, which they probed up quickly. I took my current hive about 200' away and wiped off all of the bees from the frames and any other part that they were stuck to. I then took the empty hive back to the original spot, which now had 100's of bees all over the little stand I have.

    I placed the Brood back with the frames and watched as the bees rentered the hive. In the middle of the box, between to frames I hung the new Queen. I checked it about 4 days later and saw that she was still in her little cell, but almost out. Since then I have had a baby, so my time got really limited. Today, I got out on a quick mission to check if the queen was killed or still alive.

    She's still there and the drone cells don't look like they are getting any thicker on the frames. She was busy moving around. I'll check again in about a week and see if there are any new worker cells being made.

    Any thoughts or opinions on if this sounds like it's working out?

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    Default Re: Re-Queening has Worked So Far...

    Sounds like you are good

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