Greetings Beefolk,

I'm a (very) amateur beekeeper based in CHapel Hill, NC. I'd love to connect with folks in the area - especially folks with an interest in alternatives to routine medication. I'm by no means a fundamentalist about it (I'm a newbie, and want to learn from everyone) but I can't help but worry about the routine applications of antibiotics that seem to be so prevalent in all the how to guides I read.

On a separate note, I've been writing some about beekeeping for TreeHugger and Planet Green (part of the Discovery Network). We are going to be showing The Last Beekeeper documentary on Planet Green this saturday night - followed by an online discussion that I am moderating from 10pm onwards. I'd love to get as diverse a group of bee keepers, bee enthusiasts, expers, amateurs - whatever, on there to get the dialogue going. Details are here:

Any ideas on who else I should be reaching out to are greatly appreciated! I look forward to learning from you all.