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    Default Hello from Montrose County Colorado

    Hi I'm Henry and this is my first year as a hobby Beek I've gotten a ferrill hive from a neihbor but the field bees went back to an old hive at his place. Now he's asked me to come get them to,so i've ordered a queen from mike in Ohio for the ladies without a mom. thought I'd move them then screen them in for a day or two then put my portable wall around them and release them. Then maybe they wont go back looking for their old home, but orient themselves to their new place as it's only about 1/2 mile or less from their old home to their new one.Oh yeah I don't know how to spell either so please don't be offended by my niebor niehbor neihbor nehbor neybor??? oh and ferrell??? and other words too to two or more? Any other western slope Coloradiens here.
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