Hi, I'm a second year beekeeper. Last year I received several stings without incident. This year I have received three. The last of which caused some concern.
Whilst I was in the garden near my hives I took a hit in the bicep. About 15-30 minutes later I felt burning in my armpits, then groin, and then a little swelling around my lower lip. I went inside and took some Benadryl. When I looked at my body I had red raised hives extending down from my armpits to mid-chest. My groin had the same hives which extended around the front of my waistband. There was no change in tongue or throat. After a day the hives disappeared and the bicep swelled and the swelling went as far down as mid-forearm and has gone away today (about 3 days later).
I plan to ask my doc for an epi-pen and some Prednisone in case of incidents like this again, but I have a few questions.
Is this my destiny now? Does it mean that every time I'm stung I'll react this badly? Have others had this kind of reaction and then had lesser reactions, or no reactions later? Adrian