Hi everyone! I'm Quadlex, and I'm an alcoho....

No, wait, different group.

I'm Quadlex, and I'm hoping to become a Beekeeper. My rationale is a bit odd, but here goes:

My grandfather used to keep bees. He was a fitter and turner, great with his hands. I'm terrible with mine. I don't remember working the hives, but I used to love all the equipment, honey harvesting, and chewing on comb.

I'm big on local food, local production, and natural things making foods (Like brewing, sour dough, keffir et al).

Among my other hobbies, I'm a Rover Scout. Rovers are the 18-26 year old scouts, modeled on Chivalry, Service and Challenge. One of my pieces of badge work requires me to do a 6 month project.

So, as a sort of nod to my grandfather, I've decided to do a project that combines my love of food and awesome natural synergistic relationships with manual working and one of his hobbies: Bee keeping.

Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to stop after 6 months ^_^ From what I gather, in Brisbane, Australia, the climate means we get active bees all year 'round, which I'm all down with. I intend to keep bees for a very long time... Or at least until my death army of insects takes over the world and I give them Sweden to dominate as their own.

As for me, I'm a 24 year old Software Engineer, I love to cook, camp, act, and spend time with my friends. I'm currently working at a company who sells information and loving it. I'm a bit random, very friendly and open, and I'm told I do a good impression of David Attenborough, which is always useful.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all ^_^