Hi there! I'm not currenty keeping bees but am interested in getting back into it and finding a supplier of downsized bees a la Dee Lusby and the biological beekeeping movement etc. etc. I thought I'd start hanging out here and learning all I can about what people are going through vis-a-vis sudden colony collapse disorder, mites, keeping downsized bees organically, Africanized bees (not a problem here in Jamaica Plain, MA but something that interests me personally).

Why, you may well ask, am I *not* keeping bees currently? Well, I lost my last hive due to (I believe) primarily neglect. They got caught up in a splitup, got left at the boyfriend's house and not fed or attended to much at all, and then to cap it off, we dropped the hive while moving it off the truck when I moved back to Boston.

Yes, those were some very angry bees. Poor things! Didn't make it through that season. But now that I'm settled back in Boston I would love to start keeping them again... or at least to start talking to people about what's going on in the aforementioned topics.

Nice to meet you all!