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    Default Minnesota - Twin Cities

    Hi all,

    I'm not a beekeeper, yet. I took an environmental science course last year in college and my end of the year project happen to be on CCD. Through this process, I was able to find a joy for the honeybee and wanted to learn more than CCD. Especially in the last few weeks, I've learned all that I can about the bees and how to manage a hive.

    My wife and I are looking for our first house, but unfortunately most of the houses we are looking at have yards no larger than 12,000 sq ft. My biggest concern now is that I wouldn't be able to have a hive or two because of the size of the yard. We want to enjoy the yard, but I'm unsure if a hive would be a nuisance because of the proximity.

    I've read on here people use other peoples properties, I don't see how that could work in a suburb environment.

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    Default Re: Minnesota - Twin Cities

    Here in Evansville, I know of beekeepers that have hives in there yards, and live "in the city".

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    Lots of folk in the 'burbs keep bees in the backyard. A 12,000 sq foot yard is roughly a quarter acre: plenty of room for a few hives. The guy who taught me lived in a typical subdivision and had as many as 15 hives in his backyard.

    I recommend getting in touch with a local beekeeping club and talking to some beeks. They'll know about local ordinances and such. I'll bet there are several who have backyard hives:


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