The only thing that I know for sure is that my honey harvest has risen since I started extracting verses crush and strain.That does not mean that I am against crush and strain because to go out and buy an extractor when starting out would be foolish. Once you have done it for some time and decide you are going to do it on a much larger scale then I would call that justified. But if you are going to stay small crush and strain would probably be for you espesially if cost was a factor. It's kind of like if you have a cow you wish to have a calf and she is your only cow you don't go out and buy a prize bull that would be ridiculous even overkill. It's the same way with extractors when crush and strain will suffice why spend the extra expense. Your honey harvest may not be what the big boys are getting but the wax amounts you will get can make up for that. You can make candles or sale the wax or trade it for new foundation.