To follow up on a post under the "Evils of HFCS," let me start a new thread.

Once upon a time I could get a bakery company called BakeMark to deliver drums of HFCS-55 to my location in Jackson, MO. The St. Louis office was called Bakemarkeast. The company was later sold to Food Distributors of the Americas.

I haven't ordered for a couple of years as my needs changed and other sugar/syrup sources were available. To follow up on several requests I received off-line and PM's, I went to gather some prices. However, here's the latest scoop.

It appears Bakemarkeast and Food Distributors of the Americas are both out of business. All web addresses and phone numbers have been disconnected. I haven't bothered, yet, to search out another bakery supply company or to see who my local bakeries are using. Obviously someone would be filling the void, or maybe the company has been sold again and is operating under a new name.

Bakemarkeast bought and sold their HFCS from Gateway Foods in Dupo, IL, so I went directly to Gateway Foods. Dupo is on the east side of St. Louis, right off I-255 (very easy to find and locate). The staff is very helpful, kind, curteous and knowledgeable. They often have contaminated and off-spec HFCS (if that's what you want to feed your bees), but today they only have the "pure" stuff.

Prices for a 5-gallon bucket, FOB Dupo, are $22.22 for type 55 and $19.25 for type 42.

Prices for 630 lb drums (55-gallon), FOB Dupo, are $240.92 for type 55 and $216.17 for type 42.

The phone number is 618-286-4844

I'm in their system as a "beekeeper," but I can't remember if I opened an account or how we initialized our relationship. I haven't ordered from them for a couple of years as well.

By contrast, the Walter T. Kelley company (800-233-2899) has prices (FOB Clarkson, KY) for 5-gallon buckets, ready to go, at $22.75 and 55-gallon drums at $222.00 There is no need to exchange containers. They only sell type 55.

If you want to fill you own container Kelley's price is 40 cents a pound.

Hope this helps.

Jackson, MO