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    Default Hello from New Hampshire

    Hello Everybody,

    I live in New Hampshire. This is my second year of beekeeping. I had 2 hives last year - 1 survived the winter and I bought a second package this spring - all are buckfasts and I love them. The hive that survived swarmed so now I have a third hive (sort of). I have many questions and I will need plenty of help. I need to sort out fact from myth and what I made up in my own head. I have already read many of the posts and I am looking forward to learning a lot. Thank you for a great forum! KD

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    Default Re: Hello from New Hampshire

    Hi KD,
    Welcome to the forums!

    I recommend stopping by the next KBA (Kearsarge Beekeepers Association) meeting. It is a great assortment of beekeepers. The next meeting is on Saturday, September 12. The location hasn't been announced yet, but past meeting have usually been Friday evenings at the Warner Library. If you are interested, send Karen (Secretary) an email or pm me.


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