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    Smile New Bee Keeper in Missouri

    I live in Salem Missouri (south Central) and I have two new hives this May. Started out well both hives grew quickly now one much stronger then the other. Bees are a Russian Hybrid raised locally and gentle for the most part.
    Last three weeks have been very hot and dry and have seen some robbing behavior. Added a top feeder to both and feeding heavy and added a reducer to the weaker hive. How long should I keep the reducer on? It has been suggested I take two brood frames from the strong hive and switch with two from the weak hive. Any other suggestions?


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    First, welcome to the forum, and to a very exciting hobby. Second, you'll find a lot of suggestions and opinions, all of differing value to your particular location. Third, your particular location lends a lot of subjectivity to the opinions we share, my included.

    My first suggestion is to equalize the hives, giving the weaker hive some brood from the stronger. I'd feed both hives, not just the weaker one, as it sounds like you are doing. I'd keep the reducer in for the duration of the summer, unless the bees show they are getting too hot (by clumping up around the entrance).

    I'd also suggest, as I recommend to beginners I've mentored, to admit there are a host of variables beyond your control and sometimes you just have let the bees work out the details. There is no perfect answer that will assuage your first year anxieties. I know my first years (yes, plural) I was a nervous wreck trying to get everything to work out just like I read in the books.

    I only wish the bees had read the same books. After 28 years, I find the bees are still teaching me lessons.

    Jackson, MO
    Beekeeping With Twenty-five Hives:

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    I second everything Grant just said.. Only I'm a relative newbee too. Welcome to the forum.
    Charla Hinkle


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