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    New here to the forum and in need of advice. Spotted a bunch of bees entering a hole in the side of my house. Would hate to destroy them but can't let them live there. I am in northern Illinois and would welcome any help and advice. Regards Kirt

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    I'm new too and have no advice, but your story reminds me of something similiar...

    Can't remember who was telling me but on a trip, think it was to Cuba, but doesn't matter, anyways, they ended up at the home of some poor family in the middle of nowhere. This family had just peeled back a section of the wall in their delapidated shack of a home to expose a large hive. The visitor was a bit surprised by the joy on the part of the family. What would have been a pest issue where they came from, was a wealth of honey and good fortune to this impoverished family.

    I'm not saying I'd keep bees in the walls of my house, either (although, actually, that would be a beautiful place for an observation hive), I just think it's a neat perspective

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    Contact a local beekeeping club - they should be able to connect you with someone to help:


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