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    Default first season and loving it

    Hey all...
    I just go into this this spring after about a year of reading etc..i was too late to order last year but have a rockin' colony this spring (after a half dead package failed earlier in may).
    I have no experience so will be asking alot of turns out I am a bee geek! Who Knew?
    First question...after I check my hive, some of the ladies seem to gather around the entrance and seem sluggish. They retreat in the evening but come back out to hang on the front...others seem to be active and happy...foraging hard...and egg laying is all worker brood and plentiful. Whats the deal? are they too hot inside?
    any wisdom is appreciated.
    Talk soon....

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    Default Re: first season and loving it

    Guard Bees?

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    Default Re: first season and loving it

    Welcome to the to te wonderful world of beekeeping!
    I started last spring and I love it! I still have a lot of questions too...but this forum is a great place to learn new things!
    ~the girl who made a treaty with the bees~


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