Hello everyone, Iam new to Beekeeping and have a few questions. First let me preface my interest. My neighbor has two bee hives. I sit and watch them and find them quite fascinating. I want to learn more and perhaps have a hive someday. My neighbor isnt there much as this is a seasonal home therefore it is difficult at times to communicate.

A normal day would consist of bees leaving and entering the two hives he has. A few weeks ago I noticed the hive on the left had hundreds of bees on the outside and lots flying around. Possibly swarming?? The next few days there was a large patch of bees on the bottom drawer above the opening. When i came back at 1 am on Friday it was sprinkling rain and there was a huge patch of bees on that same hive. No bees noticed on the one on the right. About 10 am the patch of bees was much smaller. The bees at the hive on the right were back to their normal activity (in and out).

Could someone please tell me what they think is going on withthe hive on the left? I have a picture but could not post it or cant find a way to post it.

Any repsonse will be appreciated. Thanks JJ