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    Howdy folks!

    It is nice to find this great website. I kept bees in the 70's when there was little to no worries other than swarming. At the behest of my 7 year old granddaughter, I this spring got back into beekeeping. She was a 2nd grader and heard a beekeeper give a lecture at school. She came home all excited about beekeeping and since her dad was about to exterminate a wild hive in an old camper trailer, I decided it would be a great hobby for us both to enjoy so I ordered some equipment and captured the wild hive. She was already a great little helper in the garden since she could walk and now we are enjoying our bees together.

    So, here we bee with so much to relearn and much more new stuff to learn, especially about pests and diseases that have come along since my younger days. The SHB has already been a sad but eye-opening experience for us.

    Well, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I will be asking the old timers to share their wisdom with us from time to time.

    Thanks in advance,
    Don G. aka dixie_beek

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    Hi dixie_beek!Happy to see more beeks on here from the south.If you have any ? about anything just ask we are all happy to help you out if we can. copper287

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    I have a two year old granddaughter and she is one of the main reasons that I want to get into keeping bees.

    I feel that kids need to grow up around them.

    Just part of a well rounded education and life experience.


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