I have a comb super kit that I would like to put on my hives, but I do not have any magor flows as of now. Here is my idea. My hive is a 2 story deep. I condense my bees into the first story, put my queen excluder on top of the first story, then put my comb super on top. This way I will only have honey no brood as you all know. Then I will cut up another queen excluder so I will have a strip that I can put over the hive entrance so the queen cannot escape if they decide to swarm. This way the the comb super will be bursting with honey at the end of the week. Give or a take a few days. I could then put the second story back on and use any cells they made to make a 2 or 3 frame nuke.

Any theories, question or comments are appreciated. I would like to get your guys opinion on this before I actually do it. Do it right the first time and all that.