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    Default 15 year old honey in brood frames. Usable?

    I'm am a new four month beekeper with one hive in Michigan, and I have just inherited a bunch of old beekeepers equipment, a great Walter Kelley stainless extractor and bottles and tons of other stuff, but I need some help. I loaded up eight brood boxes and 12 supers, and almost all of the brood boxes are very-very heavy and have a ton of honey still in them, from 15 years ago when the previous beekeeper got out of the hobby, he stored them upstairs in a clean garage. We have found some wax moth damage inside them, but the foundation and beeswax looks very usable, but I'm not sure if I should. I'm worried about disease first off, and the fact the honey is 15 years old. Would they use it in supers above which I would eventually harvest? If I can/should use the brood frames, when would I? I'm sure if I put a frame out in front of my hive they would tear it up....he thought it would be great for a new nuc to get them jump started by putting a whole brood box of honey above them and let them go to town with it. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, I'd like to use them if possible, because some of them are very full of honey.

    Thanks everyone for a great site!

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    Default Re: 15 year old honey in brood frames. Usable?

    Everyone has different criteria for management of the bees. I myself would use them. Put a box of honey on the bottom of your hives in first of September here in my area. They'll go to town moving it up as brood hatches and pack it in nicely around the broodnest for a good over winter plugged cluster. I bet the honey has crystalized over the years, so would be kinda hard to use it for the table, so use it as feed for the bees.


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