Hi All! Well, I came to find a group of experienced Beeks. I have a natural beehive in my front yard, and it's HUGE! It's underground in the rootball of an 80yr. old olive tree. There's no telling how big it really is, but at night the whole area hums, and you can even feel some vibration if you are barefoot.

When I was a toddler, my Grandfather sealed the hive, thinking he was protecting me. Fast forward 38 yrs. and the bees have come back. My family understands the importance and current problem with the demise of bee hives, so we are commited to preserving what we have.

Until now, our biggest problems has been our neighbors, who routinely send "tips" the pest control companies. We're always getting offers to remove or exterminate the bees. The last 3 days, the hive has been under attack by ants, and we're doing our best to help the hive win.

This is where I'm hoping to get advice, how can you win against ants? If the ants do win, will the techiniques used for beekeeping help us re-populate the hive if all is lost?

In time I'm sure I'll learn what strain of bees we have. Their color is demure, they tolerate our presence well, but they really hate any light sources at night!

Thanks for your time, and if you have any solutions for our ant problem, please share! We really want to keep our bees!

Chris P. in California