The past few years we have had a number of large California beekeeping operation set bees all over our country, mostly with no regard to our locations. In that time we have entertaint a number of calls from land owners complaining about the bees on their property. We explain that they are not our bees, that they are from California, and that the land owner should get in contact with the owner of the bees. The Land owner usually tells us that the beekeeper didn't leave a name of number and that they assumed that the bees were ours.
At any rate, we have been getting quite tired of being "sat on" by these guys but really haven't had any legal recoarse as our state has no apiary registry ect. But charma is so entertaining.
I got a call from our Local P.D. yesterday asking for assistance in a "situation". Not sure what these guys were thinking. The flatbed was a 2ton style truck with about 100 colonies on it.